Wednesday, September 18, 2013

eli turns one.

that's right, my little bean turned one year old last week. i cannot even comprehend that a year ago i was calling my man in montreal to inform him that yes, indeed, my water had broken and that meant a baby would come in the next 24 hours. what a crazy time in my life, well--life has been pretty crazy ever since. but now i have this little toddler shuffling around the apartment instead of a little squirming baby, and I CAN HARDLY BELIEVE MY EYES! anyways, we had a little family celebration, husband, baby and i. eli got some new bath toys (thank you winners) and a couple little french baby books. (because i couldn't help myself.) bean had cake for the first time, and was really thrilled with how squishy and tasty it is. here's some pictures from that day.

my tiny guy isn't so tiny any more.
my heart is full, but it's also breaking. sigh.
happy birthday to any other little (or, not-so-little) kids out there! yay september beanies!

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  1. that face. oh my goodness. you have one precious little bean. :)
    (p.s. hello back :)