Thursday, October 31, 2013

happy halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone! Over in these woods spiderman and I have been stuck indoors because it has been pouring ALL DAY LONG! But, of course we still managed to have some fun. We played trains, built towers, and for the most part I chased this little superhero around the apartment. Eli also helped me bake a halloween carrot cake (any excuse to eat cake, right?) Being only a year old, we still haven't really hit the understanding-what's-going-on stage, so we (along with mother nature apparently) decided we didn't need to trick or treat yet. Also, we need to figure out this whole trick or treating in an apartment before we really dive in.  Regardless, it's always fun to dress up! 

//spiderman in action (eating cheerios!)//

and check this out! eli as a tiny little one month old baby doctor last halloween!

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