Sunday, November 24, 2013

This little boy got sick again. I don't blame him; it's about -10 out right now. We've been learning how to battle the cold with lots of soup and a cute bundled baby. (I love a good bundled baby--that's my favourite thing about our daily walks, seeing all of those cute chubby babes in their snowsuits, hats, scarves and mitts!) And we've been starting to think up some nice small christmas decorating ideas for our teeny apartment. We'll be heading west to spend the holidays with our families, but I feel like we need to have something up! Our neighbourhood target just opened up, so I get the feeling we'll be heading back over to that mall a few more times in the upcoming weeks. They also sell Annie's mac n' cheese there!!! We haven't been able to find it anywhere else, so we're happy. The only other thing I haven't been able to track down here in Montreal are good diapers. Seriously? What is with the lack of a decent chemical free diaper? I am so used to my west coast all-natural stores! I miss my Seventh Generation diapers that don't smell like they've been soaked in Febreze. I need to make some serious mommy friends stat.

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