Friday, October 17, 2014

happy fall!

we've been so enjoying this season. it has been glorious here in Montreal, just glorious. we're keeping busy making and eating turkey, colouring lots of pictures, collecting all of the leaves, and chasing all of the pigeons. we can usually be found hanging out at McGill bugging daddy/eli basking in the glory of all the cooing students/me wincing at the awkwardness of all the staring students. we also like Westmount Park, that's a good spot. recently eli has been despising his stroller (that self-sufficient two year old attitude is really starting to show itself) so there isn't as much traipsing around the city as we'd like, simply because it's now necessary for eli to walk on his own. but, we're still trying to enjoy as much freedom as we can before winter comes and slows us down. so, we're off! happy friday!

follow some of our adventures here:

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