Friday, October 11, 2013

our wedding.

 you guys, i got married. i am a married woman. on august 17th, i married my best friend. oh, and what a day it was! i was so happy with how everything turned out. (not that it really matters right--i mean, I GOT MARRIED. who cares what else happened?) we got married only a few months after getting engaged. it was a whirlwind, but it was wonderful.

me and the hubbs got pregnant in high school, and there was a lot of expectation. expectation of marriage (or at least an engagement) from my family, and a lot of our peers. but it didn't feel right. we were in high school, but no one seemed to really get how odd that would be. and i had always had it in my mind that i would only ever marry for love. of course i loved lyndon, but if we got married because of the baby in my tummy, i don't think that would have sat right with me. so we waited. that was right for us. lyndon went to school (mcgill!) and visited home frequently. by the time summer rolled around and he was home he could hardly wait a week before proposing! it was so special for us that this was on our own terms. we got married because we love each other more than anything (okay, maybe eli!) anyways, here are some fun photos from our wonderful day. we were married in a teeny tiny catholic church by the ocean in white rock, bc. and our reception was in lyndon's backyard. we had an amazing day. we got married.

post-marriage celebratory dance party with my ladies.

our relationship: me laughing at everything that comes out of his mouth.

we did photos in campbell valley park near both of our houses. (we met on the school bus...but that's a story for another day.)

we're pretty happy with how everything turned out. life-wise and all.

...oh, and also this kid was darn cute.

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  1. You three make an adorable family! The photos are gorgeous. Congratulations!