Wednesday, October 2, 2013

bits + pieces.

life has been pretty normal as of late. the husband has a couple of midterms coming up, so he's been buckling down into his schoolwork. as for eli and i, we've really just been lazing around the house. bean has been extra-cuddly lately (that 12-month-old separation anxiety has definitely kicked in) but i really don't mind the snuggles. he's already such a little man who can almost walk on his own and part of me wants to just keep him tucked beside me at all times to preserve the baby in him--but he just can't be stopped. he's growing up. 
anyways, enjoy a few little photos from around the apartment. 

1. eli has a morning ritual of playing with these before breakfast, but sadly we lost a few in the move so he's down to this one blue guy.
2. we've been attempting to cook more around here. this has been very helpful.
3. choppin'
4. kitty shoes. found em on sale and couldn't help myself.
5. these curtains are a source of endless entertainment. also, eli has figured out how to climb onto every chair in the house...

happy wednesday!

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