Monday, September 30, 2013

play date.

this little bean has a habit of pulling every item of clothing he owns out from his  kid sized dresser, (bad call by us) and displaying them ever-so-nicely all over his floor. so, naturally every day i end up picking everything up so this tiny man can do some hard core playing in his room. and he does love his room. i would say it's his favourite place in the apartment, but he has a couple of other spots such as the bath and the pots/pans cupboard...which is his favourite place in the world currently, to the dismay of his now slightly deaf parents. but at least he's happy, right? (probably the favourite phrase in the new parents dictionary.) anyways, i managed to take some pictures of eli in his room while it was looking decent.

i happen to think he is the cutest little boy in the world. but that's just me.

such a little man!

my favourite bum. (okay... maybe 2nd favourite.)

 just a little boy and his cars.

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