Monday, December 9, 2013

some thoughts.

now don't get me wrong, i love christmas. i have always loved the christmas season and it's special way of bringing everyone together. i grew up the youngest of five kids, so sibling had already left home by the time i was older and could really enjoy their company. i remember being so genuinely happy every christmas when my big brothers would travel home from every direction! now i'm the sibling coming from afar, and i'm a little scared. i'm excited of course, but i'm also nervous. since we're such a young family, everything's different for us. the nice thing about being so far away from both of our families is that we get to be our own little family. i worry that we'll just be thrown back in with the mix when we go back. i worry that we won't figure out how to maintain our family status and start our own traditions with eli. how do you have your own christmas while staying with in-laws? and even my own family? normally, it would be fun to have grandma and grandpa be apart of christmas morning with eli, but then we have all of our siblings, many of them older than me and lyndon! man. can't this just be a nice, stress-free holiday? or is that just an oxymoron once you're a family?

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  1. The holidays can definitely be stressful girl. But don't you worry! You will soon figure out that perfect balance of your own family Christmas along with your parents and in-laws :)
    xo TJ