Saturday, December 14, 2013

gift guide: littles

one:: we all open up pj's on christmas eve to wear that night.
two:: socks are so practical, and these ones have dino's on them!
three:: eli is always in need of a few more bath toys.
four:: these were an easter gift for eli last year, but we lost most of the eggs in the moving process. he loves them and i thought it was time for a replacement set.
five:: the babylit books are so sweet! we have moby dick.
six:: fisher price is a must. we got eli the farm for christmas since we're in the city now and missing that. (although, i found mine at winners so it was a better price. go winners!)
seven:: i've been on the look out for a nice and natural bubble bath for the little man (who has super sensitive skin.) he loves bubbles, but everything so far gives him a rash. i'm hoping this will be the end of the search!
eight:: this last week has been so cold (-20's eek!) so a nice warm winter jacket was the last thing on my list for eli.


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    1. yes, i have my bloglovin' link set up on the side. i'm glad you like it!