Tuesday, January 7, 2014

a new year!

goodbye holidays. we're back in montreal after a wonderful visit in the west. (okay, the flu at the end wasn't so wonderful...but other than that!) eli had such a blast playing with so much family! lyndon and i are both one of five children, so there were a whole lot of aunties and uncles to drag around the house and make demands to. but really, he had such a good time. and he surprised everyone by loving santa! he didn't wanna leave his lap! he was so intrigued by this whole beard business, he would have been happy to be alone for a bit so he could investigate. by the end of the trip though i was itching to get home. we all got the stomach flu (why christmas season must you do this to us every year!?!) and then flew home the next day pale and exhausted. eli's a good sport on planes for the most part, so i don't blame him for having a bit of a freak out when we had to wait in a 45 minute line up for a cab after the 5 hour flight. all in all though, i would say it was a successful christmas. i'm already excited for next year. eli will be past the free flying age and with ticket prices being so very expensive, we'll most likely have our own little montreal christmas. and that sounds pretty fun too.

(oh, and eli got 4 molars for christmas. and a bang trim. sniff sniff.)

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  1. Happy New Year! I hope you are all feeling better. It's awful to fly when you're sick. Once when we went to Florida I started throwing up the night before. But I wasn't about to lose out on the trip!! :)